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Welcome to the ancient mythical arts of the NINJA. Ninjutsu is the martial arts of the Ninja and now your children can learn the secrets of the Ninja in a safe and conducive environment and live out their dreams of becoming a true Ninja.

If your children ever wanted to become a Ninja or learn the secret arts of the Ninja, then you have come to the right place. Lil’ Ninjas Dojo is proud to be one of the few martial arts centres that teaches Ninjutsu for children allowing them the unique opportunity to learn the secrets of the Ninja .


Ninjutsu is a Japanese martial arts style which is commonly associated with the Japanese Shinobi (or Ninjas). Ninjutsu focuses on the use of stealth and deception in order to defend oneself or fulfil an objective. Unlike other martial arts which focuses on taking on an aggressive stance to engage your enemy, Ninjutsu focuses on on stealth and deception, often pretending to be helpless so that your enemy lets their guards down allowing you to get closer and strike at the best opportunity. Ninjutsu also focuses on utilizing weapons such as the Shuriken, Kunai, Katana and Shuko to defend yourself. Many people think that the use of such weapons is not practical in todays modern world, but on the contrary, what Ninjutsu is teaching you, is how to use any object around you and wield it as a weapon if necessary to defend yourself.


A quick glimpse of our advanced Ninjutsu Class

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Ninjutsu in Malaysia - A brief introduction

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kunai throwing knife Ninja.jpeg

Kunai Throwing knife



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Ninjutsu is derived from 2 parts, the first part of the ‘Nin’ comes from ‘ninja’, whilst the second part ‘jutsu’ comes from Ju Jitsu. This means that Ninjutsu is a combination of the pair and combines the stealth and mentality of a ninja with the fighting skills of a Ju Jitsu practitioner. Combining these 2 elements makes Ninjutsu a unique martial arts as it focuses on both the mindset and the physical conditioning.

Ninjutsu for children is also taught in a very unique manner. For younger children, they learn the basic movements and skills through games and obstacle courses. These games and activities are designed to:

  • Increase their speed and reflex

  • Improve their balance

  • Learn how to fall without injuring yourself

  • Learning how to get up quickly after a fall

  • Improve their speed and agility

As they advance their skills, they will focus more on techniques and even weapon training. Skills they will learn in advanced level classes include:

  • Striking techniques

  • Grappling techniques

  • Weapons training

  • Light sparring

  • Advanced agility and evasive tactics

The uniform for Ninjutsu is similar to other martial arts except that it is black like a Ninja's outfit. When your children first join Ninjutsu, they do not have to purchase the uniform first. The uniform can be purchased once they pass their first Grading. Children advance through various colour belts starting from white and the highest being black. To advance through the belts, students need to go through an grading exercise and the teacher will determine if they are fit to be promoted to the next level. The Grading can be done at Lil' Ninjas Dojo and there will be a Belt Presentation Ceremony where the teacher awards the new belt to the student to commemorate their achievements.

If you are interested to know more about Ninjutsu, give us a call at 010 297 0068. You can also click here for a FREE TRIAL CLASS

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