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Where do we even begin with such an iconic person from the Taekwondo and martial arts world - whose achievements and certifications are just overflowing. Well let's start with his Taekwondo qualifications - as that is what he teaches at our Dojo.


Grand Master Steve Ng is no stranger in the Taekwondo world - both locally and internationally. He holds the highest black belt rank in both Taekwondo styles - 9th Degree Black Belt in ITF and 8th Degree Black Belt in WT. He also has a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. He has been teaching Taekwondo for 41 years making him a true master. He is often invited to officiate and judge Taekwondo tournaments around the country because of his level and experience.

Grand Master Steve also had the privilege to learn Taekwondo from the Founder of Taekwondo himself - General Choi in 1999 and he obtained his 5th Degree Black Belt from the founder himself. Not many masters and teachers can say they got certified by the founder of the martial arts himself.

Grand Master Steve also has a PhD in Martial Arts, hence his full title is actually Grand Master Dr Steve Ng. Despite all his achievements and certifications and doctorate in martial arts, Grand Master Steve still believes in continuously learning as one never ever stops learning. Besides teaching and coaching our members in Taekwondo, he is also learning Kali - The Filipino Martial Arts which was popularized by the Jason Bourne series.

Although he has an overwhelming amount of achievements and certifications under his belt, Grand Master Steve Ng is known for his calm and patient behaviour. His humble behaviour and calm demeanor has made him one of the favourite teachers at our Dojo.

So are you looking for the best place and the best teacher to teach Taekwondo to your kids? If you are truly interested in the quality of your children's development, look no further. You can call 010 297 0068 now to book your spot with our Grand Master

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