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Ninjtusu for children

Kick X Fitness

Sensei Lionel was always interested in martial arts but was looking for something different. At that time, the most common martial arts available to kids was Karate & Taekwondo. Not wanting to follow the crowd, he decided not to join these martial arts although most of his friends were training in those martial arts. He continued looking for something different and his big opportunity came when his school decided to offer Ninjutsu classes as part of the co-curriculum activities. He jumped at the opportunity and never looked back since. He never knew that joining that first Ninjutsu class would change his life forever.


He continued training Ninjutsu while pursuing his degree in Physics and later began working as a Lights Application Engineer. He worked for 8 years before deciding to follow his passion for martial arts and started to teach Ninjutsu. It was a big and hard decision to make, but one that he is happy he has made. Sensei Lionel has been teaching Ninjutsu since 2004 and is currently a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Ninjutsu. He is known for his lively charisma and playful yet serious demeanor when teaching classes.

Sensei Lionel also helped us to design our Kick X Fitness class which is combination of fitness and martial arts. This high energy class is exclusive and only available at Lil' Ninjas Dojo. It is designed for children with no martial arts back ground, but yet looking to for a fun class while getting a taste of martial arts. It is also ideal for younger children who are too young to join martial arts classes.


Besides teaching Ninjutsu, Sensei Lionel is also a TCM Practitioner. He hopes to be able to open his own TCM center in future. If you want to train with teachers like Sensei Lionel, get in touch with us for a FREE Trial.

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