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Lil' Ninjas Dojo


Build functional strength, flexibility and improve health. For Junior, Intermediate & Advanced

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Do your children like to jump, flip and climb all over the place? Do you wish there was a safe place for them to do this while also learning how to do these stunts properly and safely? Well, then you need to sign them up for Gymnastics. Gymnastics classes will help your child to improve their motor functions, healthy muscle development while keeping them healthy and active. More and more children these days are suffering from chronic body aches due to the overuse of electronic devices and their sedentary lifestyle. By enrolling children in gymnastics classes, they can build proper muscle balance, improve their posture and increase their functional strength and flexibility. This is vital to ensure your kids don’t develop premature body aches. Gymnastics also is a great foundation for other sports and martial arts as it helps build the strength and flexibility you need to excel in those sports. At our dojo, we offer different levels of classes - Junior Gymnastics, Intermediate Gymnastics as well as Advanced Gymnastics, catering to different skill levels.

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Class Schedule

Thursday (4pm - 5pm) : Junior Gym (3-6 years old)

Thursday (5pm - 6pm) : Gym Intermediate (6-12 years old)

Saturday (5pm - 6pm) : Gym Intermediate (6-12 years old)

Saturday (5pm - 6pm) : Gym Advance (Level 2 and above)

Sunday (11am - 12pm) : Gym Intermediate (6-12 years old)

Sunday (12pm - 1pm) : Junior Gym (3-4 years old)

Sunday (1pm - 2pm) : Junior Gym (5-6 years old)

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