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M&M (Music & Movement)

We even have classes for the really little ones. Baby classes start from 1.5 years old. Check out some of the fun classes that we have. The earlier your children start, the greater the benefits for them.

Music & Movement or M&M for short, is a specialised class which was developed by our very own teacher herself which mixes music, dancing and gymnastics for little toddlers making it a fun class for them.

In this class, children get to learn some simple dance moves, play games as well as develop their motor skills through some basic gymnastics drills. It is also our only class where parents / guardians are allowed to enter the class together with the child, making it a special bonding experience for parents and their loved ones.

So just what will your toddler learn from this class?

  • Learn the balance and improve their walking, crawling, jumping and climbing

  • Learning to listen to and follow simple instructions

  • Getting them out of their comfort / safe zone

  • Building their muscles and technique that enable them to climb (and climb down safely) and move around through simple obstacles

  • Learn coordination and rhythm through dancing and music

  • Break their anxiety and fear of strangers and other children

  • Keep them active and moving in a safe environment

  • Having fun and just exploring their environment around them


So if you have a little toddlers aged 1.5 years old and above, do bring them to try our fun M&M class. Remember, this is not the chocolate, it's our class called Music & Movement

Click here to get a FREE TRIAL CLASS for your toddler.

For Ages 1.5 years to 3 years old

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MOVEMENT: Learning how to climb and jump down safely

MUSIC: Learning to sing and follow instructions

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