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Gymnastics for Children

Gymnastics for Teens

If you want your kids to learn gymnastics from a real gymnast, then meet Teacher Hakim. If you are serious about gymnastics for your children, then you need to train with Teacher Hakim. Hakim is one of our most valued teachers as he known for taking children to the next level when it comes to gymnastics.

Hakim started gymnastics at the age of 11 and has been competing in Gymnastic Competitions at the national and state level. Because of his love for this sport, he decided to pursue a career in teaching gymnastics. He  has a Level 4 certificate for teaching gymnastics and has been teaching gymnastics to children since 2010.

With over 10 years of teaching experience, Hakim brings years of teaching experience as well personal experience as a gymnast to the table when he is teaching.  Hakim is great at pushing children to achieve higher levels they thought they could not reach. He is also fondly known as Teacher Milo by many of the kids at our dojo. If you are wondering why is he called Teacher Milo, scroll to the end of his profile to find out. Besides gymnastics, Hakim also teaches swimming and coaches badminton part time.

Hakim has a long string of success stories since he started teaching at our dojo. In just 3 months, Hakim successfully trained some of our physically challenged children to do many gymnastics moves which they were told (by other gyms and other instructors) they would never be able to do because of their disability. Hakim has also helped other children with special needs who were too afraid to try certain moves and today these children are doing these movements without assistance. Because of this, Hakim has a following of students who religiously come for his classes without fail. Hakim is known for his fun and playful style of teaching, but don't let that fool you into thinking his class is a walk in the park. He is known for pushing his students to achieve things they always thought they could not do. He also teaches advanced gymnastics for students who are ready to go to the next level.

So, do you want your children to learn gymnastics from Teacher Hakim? Are you still wondering why he is called Teacher Milo? Well to find out the answer, you have to come and train with him for one class first and we will let him reveal the answer to you. Call 0101 297 0068 to book a trial class now.

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