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What is the BENEFIT of having so many different classes in ONE location?

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Because we have so many classes in one location, the MORE classes you do, the CHEAPER the price per class becomes. Why do 1 class when you can do everything at Lil' Ninjas Dojo.

You don't have to drive around

If you did different classes in different locations, you would have to drive your children around after each class. When everything is in one location, you don't have to battle traffic just to get your kids to class

Kids Get Bored QUICKLY

As you know, kids these days want to try different things all the time. It's a pain when you have to continuously look for new things for them to do. With us, they can easily just switch to another class..

Why are we BETTER than the REST?

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We are Conveniently Located inside a MALL

So while your kids attend classes, you can do your hair, have a coffee, buy your groceries. Isn't that more fun and convenient for you?

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Your children PROGRESS faster

Because your children do multiple classes, (eg different martial arts) they learn and pick up things a lot faster - compared to child who only does one kind of martial arts.

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We have TOP Notch Teachers

You obviously want your child to learn from the best. At our Dojo, we hire only the best teachers to ensure the quality of our classes,

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